The Minister for Planning has approved a request from Spiire, on behalf of ACEnergy, to prepare, adopt and approve Amendment C54cora to the Corangamite Planning Scheme by exercising his powers under section 20(4) of the Planning and Environment Act 1987.

The Minister for Planning completed consultation under section 20(5) of the Act, and all submissions were taken into consideration during the assessment of the proposal.

Amendment C54cora amends the Schedule to Clause 45.12 ‘Specific Controls Overlay’ and applies Specific Controls Overlay SCO3 to the site, inserts the incorporated document.'Terang Battery Energy Storage System (BESS), 70 Littles Lane, Terang, Incorporated Document, February 2021' and makes other associated changes to the planning scheme to facilitate the use and development of the land for utility installations (220 MWh BESS and switching station, connecting to the adjoining Terang Terminal Station).

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Terang Battery Energy Storage System

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