Preparing for your Local Planning Policy Framework (LPPF) translation

Smart Planning encourages all councils to plan ahead for their local policy translation. To assist with this process, there are some things that each council can do to prepare, including recording:

  • key planning themes for the municipality
  • in-progress and planned amendments that may affect the LPPF
  • redundant or unworkable policy
  • background documents
  • the application of zones, overlays and provisions
  • further strategic work planned for the planning scheme.

LPPF preparation documents

Smart Planning has developed a series of documents to assist councils when preparing for their LPPF translation, which include an LPPF translation record template to document all preparation work and guides on:

  • how to prepare for your LPPF translation – council background work
  • compiling and recording background documents
  • rationalising planning scheme maps and diagrams.

If you would like to receive a copy of these documents, contact the Smart Planning team at

Council translation initiatives

While the Smart Planning team is encouraged by the eagerness of many councils to progress translations as soon as possible, we do not recommend that councils undertake the translation alone. 

We expect that major learnings from the initial translations will be applied to future translations. We are keen to work with councils and share this knowledge and experience to achieve a successful translation. 

It is critical that the translation approach is uniform, repeatable and guided by the Victoria Planning Provisions (VPP) principles. The Smart Planning team developed the PPF and has the experience and capacity to expedite translations with councils. The VPP principles are set out in A Practitioner’s Guide to Victorian Planning Schemes (DOCX, 4.8 MB).

More information

If you have any queries on the LPPF translation, please send them to

Page last updated: 13/11/19